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Meditation - Teacher Instruction Videos

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Back in the spring I took on a massive project, to be fair it was one of the bigger projects I’ve personally taken on thus far in my career. The task was to film a 200-hour teacher training meditation course for a Nashville and Portland based meditation studio. As a business owner that strides to overdeliver for my clients when and where I have the opportunity - this seemed like a great chance to do just that. It has been a massive undertaking to say the least, but as we continue to edit and mold this wonderful training series daily, I'm looking forward to what this course can do for the client and their consumers.

Currently we are still deep in the edit/assembly phase for this on-going project, but we’re looking at a 2023 early release. We are excited to get this series out there in the world and for it to become available to potential users.

More details will be coming in regards to this project as we get closer to the release date.

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